Class of February 2016

Alfred Dalby

Alfred is a mixed media visual artist who likes to work with paint, films, and glassblowing. Alfred also enjoys food-scaping and permaculture. He has been living in Costa Rica for the past 10 years. Alfred would like the course to be the beginning of a lifelong relationship with boat building and he hopes to sail the world.

Chris Maxwell

At university Chris studied ancient history and archaeology with a special interest in traditional maritime craftsmanship.  He then worked in the outdoor pursuits industry, both freelance and employed, at watersports centres in the UK and abroad.


Connor Pannell

Connor was on an engineering course in Essex. He will gain hands-on experience from the course which is the first step in his boat building career.


Daniel Schnorrenberg

Daniel was born in Germany.  A Paediatrician by profession,  Daniel enjoys rowing and sailing and is fulfilling his ambition to train as a boat builder

Harry Evans

Harry left school at 16 knowing he wanted to work with his hands but unsure in which industry. He worked for Permateek, a Poole Company specialising in synthetic boat decking and teak removal.  Harry realised he wanted to work in the marine industry, but was thrown slightly off course by a motorbike accident in 2014 in which he sustained a serious leg injury. Although his recovery took a while Harry did not forget his boat building dream, which he is now fulfilling at the Academy.


Stefanie Bielowski

Stefanie was a project manager in Vienna but decided it was not for her. She then went on to sail and skipper cruising yachts around the world. Stefanie enjoys maintenance and has joined the course to broaden and improve her skills.



Thomasin Sage

Thomasin spent a year living and working in Japan as part of her degree in Japanese (with Korean). As her course came to a close she realised that the lure of boats, the sea and her need to work with wood could no longer be ignored. The day after graduation she came to the BBA for interview.  Thomasin says “It felt like coming home”. Her dream is to open a boatyard and, if the wind blows in the right direction, take the beauty of traditional British boat building to Japan.

Thomasin is writing a weekly blog about her ’Boat Building Academy Experience’ at


Toby Whillock

A scientist and former Chartered Engineer, with experience in the mining, steel, and offshore industries, Toby hopes to swap the laboratory for a boatyard at the end of the course. He is enjoying the variety of challenges posed by the course, whether it is the intellectual aspects of visualising and lofting complicated three-dimensional structures or the practical skills of boatbuilding. He looks forward to cooperating with other course members on the five projects being constructed this course.


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