Furniture Archive

‘Impossible’ Jointed Stool by Peter Morris

‘Breakfast Cube Seat’ by Holger Waldrow

breakfast cube seat

American black walnut chest of drawers by Lucian Parfitt.

Artist’s paint box by Aaron Perez

artist paint box

Bedside table by Neil Harper

Bench by Raphaela Sabel

Boat hatch cover by Jason Hadley

Bookcase by Mick Herbert

Bookcase chair by Pierre Lequeu

Boot Rack by T Jacobs

Cabinet by Bella Bathurst

Cabinet by Ollie Rees

Chair by Hector Kennard

Chair by Mayyanna Griffin-Rai

Chairs by Toby Phillips

Cherry desk

Chest by Jack Pammenter

Chest by Jonathan Howard

Chest by Simon Downes

Coffee table by Alex Fitter

Coffee table by Bella Bathurst

Coffee table by Chris Dobinson

Coffee table by Dan Hallam

Coffee Table by Ed Harwood

Coffee Table by Peter Torney

Coffee Table by Poppy Booth

Coffee table by Steve Green

Coffee table by Ted Espir

Comic book chest by Terry Grey

comic book chest terry grey

Console Table by James Vooght

Console Table by Richard Curzon

Contemporary writing desk by Alex Cunningham

Cradle by Leki McCarthy

Cutlery chest by Chris Akerman

Desk and chair by Josh Rose

Desk by Sam Horrocks

Desk by Sunny Bukhory

Desk by Tim Hallbery

Display coffee table by Peter Marsh

Drawers by Richard James

Drinks cabinet by Daniel Jarvis

Elm Desk by Caspar Hulacki

Flame mahogany and sapele music centre by Ted Billing

Floating duck house by Anthony Sawyer

Guitar stool by Jake Ingram-Taylor

guitar stand

Hall table by Tim Clayton

Hammered Dulcimers by Peter Bromwich

Hanging Chair by Matt Pescod

Hexagonal box by Caroline Stokes

Hexagonal cabinet by Alec Roberts

Hexagonal Jewellery Box by Jack Campbell

jewellery box

Hoop backed rocking chair by Jonny Pryor

hoop rocking chair

Intricately Constructed Box by Mark Neville

Khaya and reclaimed Brazilian mahogany coffee table by Michael Clifton-Dey

Kitchen table by Felix Griffith

Miniature greenhouse by Ian Holloway

Music stands by Tim Whitcomb

Narrowboat step and storage by Julie Henderson

Oak Butchers block by Tom Zinovieff

Oak coffee table by Harry Reeves

Piano stool by Ben Wagon

Sapele tool box by Charlie Mayer

Sculptural Lamp – by Nick Windsor

sculptural lamp

Sewing Box by David Asquith

Side table by Jon Burman

Side table by Reuben O’Connell

Side table by Sam Friend

Side table by Stephen Marshall

Storage by Francois Van Zyl

Sycamore and oak folding coffee table by Christian Whitcombe

Table by Alisdair George

Table by James Youren

Timber Sculpture by Janie Townshend

Tool chest by Mark Regel

Toolbox by Jake Woolnough

Toolbox by Sean Perry

Traditional tool chest by Simon Murphy

Treasure Chest by Tony Bidgood

treasure chest

TV stand by Robert Heath

Ukulele by Corinne Reed

Walnut and beech armchair by Marc Davies

Walnut and maple iPad case by Lewis Willox

Wine rack by John Woolliscroft

Wine Table by Steve Huckvale

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