Class of January 2016

Christian Whitcombe

Christian joined the Academy from Wales and has a degree in Civil Engineering from Plymouth University. Wanting a more practical vocation, he trained and worked as a site carpenter before joining the Academy. He enrolled on the 12 week course to refine and develop his woodworking skills.

Lewis Willox

Lewis has a BA in Accounting and Economics and for the past 10 years worked as a Software Developer for companies in the UK and Australia. His interest in woodworking began when he came across furniture designs by Tom Raffield which incorporated steam bending techniques. Inspired, he went on to research the work of other craftsmen and decided to seek a new, practical career in woodworking for himself.

Ted Billing

Ted joined the Academy from Bristol. He has a degree in Physical Education with Outdoor Education from Leeds Metropolitan University, and has spent time travelling in south and central America, Australia, and south east Asia. Before joining the Academy, Ted worked at Underfall Boatyard in Bristol. He enjoyed learning new practical and creative skills working with wood and decided to join the 12 week course to learn more.

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