Academy-built ’round’ boat part of prize-winning exhibition

Collective JocJonJosch asked the Academy to build a traditional clinker round boat.  ‘It will just go round in circles’ we said.  Which was just what artists Jocelyn Marchington, Jonathan Brantschen and Joschi Herczeg wanted.  The Instructors built the boat in ‘out of class’ time, helped by graduates and students in their spare time.  Chestnut on oak, the round boat was launched on the Thames.

The boat then went to Switzerland, where the Valais Art Museum in Sion housed JocJonJosch’s exhibition ‘Hand in Foot’.  As part of ‘Worstward Ho’ (title from a prose piece by Samuel Beckett), an installation created specifically for the exhibition, the boat was a sculptural object  to stimulate thinking about the ideas of the absurd and the principle of least resistance.  There was certainly discussion on the Yachting & Boating World Forums.

JonJocJosch were awarded the Manor Cultural Prize 2013 for the exhibition.  The boat is now part of the Valais Museum’s permanent collection.

The Academy, featuring Graduate Martin Lammers, built a second boat for JonJocJosch.  The boat, with oak ribs and keel on West African mahogany now forms part of an exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.