How to apply for the ‘long’ boat building course

Boat Building, Maintenance and Support incorporating City & Guilds 2463 Level 3 Diploma in Marine Construction, Systems Engineering and Maintenance                   

group march 2010We do not believe that formal qualifications or any form of test are helpful in assessing whether candidates will complete the 40 week course successfully.  We look for a mature attitude, motivation and a clear enthusiasm and willingness to pursue the highest standards.  Application and dedication to attaining the skills are key, regardless of whether people want to use the skills to work in the marine industry, are taking a sabbatical or learning purely for their own satisfaction.

All potential ‘long’ course students are asked to send a simple cv and to visit the Academy.  You will be taken on a tour of the workshops, giving you the opportunity to see what work is being produced and what boats are being built.  You will be introduced to staff and students and, if you are interested in living ‘on-site’, will be shown
the Redbird canoe Ted Moores 9accommodation.  After looking round the Academy you will then undergo an informal interview with the Principal, Yvonne Green, to discuss why you want to join the course, what you hope to achieve on it, whether you hope to build a boat or not (if you know at this stage) and how you hope to use your newly gained skills at the end of the course.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of joining the Academy.  The interview process is constructed to give you a feel for the work and life of the Academy and enable you to make an informed decision about whether the training, intensive and highly practical, is appropriate for you.


Your visit will last between two and three hours.  If you are a suitable candidate Yvonne will offer you a place at the end of the interview and give you a booking form (booking forms for longer courses are not available on-line).  Once you have visited us and received a booking form you are eligible to reserve a place on any future course that has free places.  We take bookings for courses no more than one year ahead.

Please telephone us on 01297 445545 or email to make an appointment for interview.

If for any reason you cannot attend for interview in person we ask you to send us a simple cv.  If you are a suitable candidate we will ask you to make an appointment for a telephone interview.  On the prearranged day at the prearranged time the Principal will, when you telephone, conduct an interview.  If the interview is satisfactory you will be offered a place on the course and sent an application form.