12’ Andrew Wolstenholme ‘Mallard’ – Tim Harrison

This Andrew Wolstenholme ‘Mallard’ dinghy will be strip planked in western red cedar and sheathed inside and out with glass fibre and epoxy. She has a laminated khaya stem, sapele hog and keel and mahogany transom.

She will be cat-rigged with spruce spars. Her sail was made by the class as part of a four day sail making short course at the Academy. She will have a pivoting centreboard and rudder.

The dinghy was lofted as part of the course (as all boats built are at the Academy) but the moulds were CNC cut by the Architectural Association at Hooke Park using CAD files supplied by the boat’s designer, Andrew Wolstenholme.

She will be painted inside and out with bright finished trim and thwarts.