15’ Christmas Wherry– Thomasin Sage

The Christmas Wherry was designed in 2003 by Walter J. Simmons from Duck Trap in Maine, USA (you can find her plans and more information at www.ducktrapstore.com). She is based on designs for Lincolnville wherries that were developed for the Atlantic Salmon fishery in the late 1700s or early 1800s. She has a flat keel so she can be beached easily and she will also stand upright when beached, she is able to carry a 102 square foot lugsail and can be easily rowed too. She is being made using glued clinker construction for the hull and will have a bright finished mahogany and oak fit out. We have modified her design slightly to take a bit of the steep angle (rake) out of the transom. This meant that during the lofting process we had to extend her lines and make slight alterations to the rudder plan. We did this in order to allow her to take an outboard motor more easily, the extra length may make her slightly faster under sail too. After the course she will be living in tidal waters up a creek on the south coast of Cornwall.

You can also follow her build at www.thomasin-sage.com