20′ day sailing boat – Bob Hinks

The usual rule for student boats is nothing over 14′, but there are exceptions…because the boat was a fairly straightforward build, and other boats built by the course allowed a bigger build on the workshop floor, Bob was given the thumbs up to go ahead with his 20′, day sailing, red cedar strip plank design by Mike Broome (Instructor at the Academy).

‘Cirrus’ was designed to be shallow draught, and is equipped with a ballasted centre board and lifting rudder for use under sail or using auxilliary power.  Mixing traditional style with modern systems the boat is equipped with an electric sail drive with a two blade folding prop.  Batteries sit either side of the centreboard case, providing ballast as well as propulsion.  She has a traditionally laid deck and bespoke steelwork on chainplates, rudder and centreboard.