20’ ‘Seabird Half Rater’ – Lee Ulyat

Lee is building a ‘Seabird Half Rater’, a one design class boat – the oldest class one design boat still sailing. Designed by Herbert Baggs in collaboration with Scott Hayward in 1898 for West Lancashire Yacht Club, the first eight boats were built by Latham and Crossens in Liverpool at a cost of around £34 each. To date 106 boats have been built – Lee’s boat will be number 107.

She will be three quarter decked day boat, carvel planked in pitch pine with an oak centreline structure.  She will have laminated oak frames with two steamed oak timbers in between each frame. Her centreboard case and raked transom are mahogany.

Following the strict one design rules, the sails have been made by Sanders Sails. The rules state that sails must be made by Sanders Sails or Mouse Sails.  She will be gunter sloop rigged with solid spruce mast and spars.