Class of March 2009 Launch

December is a busy month at the Academy, and December 2009 was no exception. The school’s Christmas lunch was very early, on 2nd December, but Christmas would not have been Christmas if we hadn’t shared it with the March 2009 group, who included Lars Herfeldt, born to play Santa Claus (see right). Seven course boats were launched on 5th December, followed in the evening by the Boat Building Academy Christmas party. The 5am start to the day led to the party being a fairly subdued affair.

The weather forecast for launch day was grim, but the rain held off and the sun shone long enough to launch the boats and celebrate the end of the course. The boats launched were:

  • 8′ Traditional Pram Dinghy – built using no adhesives or metal fixings
  • 16′ Cold Moulded Motorboat based on a design by C.G. Pettersson
  • 15′ 11″ Herreschoff ‘Haven 12 1/2’
  • 16′ 10″ ‘Tirrik’ double ended clinker, designed by Iain Oughtred
  • 15” ‘Chestnut’ canoe, Western red cedar stripped
  • 7′ 10″ ‘Auk’ glued clinker, designed by Iain Oughtred
  • 10′ Flyer Midget Runabout, designed by Bruce N. Crandall, cold moulded from two layers of 3mm marine ply over battens and a frame.

Click here for Class of 2009 student Lars Herfeldt’s blog featuring more launch day photographs and information (in German)