Class of March 2011 Launch Day

Eight boats built by the 18 students who started the 38 week course in March were launched into Lyme Regis harbour on 7 December. Gary Thompson, of the September 2010 course, joined us to launch the Haven 12½ that wasn’t launched in June because of the wind.

A splendid day was had by all, finishing with a certificate-giving ceremony in the workshop that has been the students’ home for the previous six months.

It was all hands on decks: Fiona Molloy who graduated in June this year lent a hand, as did Ian Baird from the class of March 2010. Jeremy White, MD of Elvstrom Sails, came to assist with the sails and rigging. Jenny Burgess, a summer short course graduate, put some hard work in on Shane’s spar and last but not least Wendy (housekeeper) made sure no-one was weak for lack of food by making a cauldron of stew and a vat of mashed potato to see everyone through the night before the launch.