Dorset Magazine – November 2011

Chelsea Davine: Inspired by Lyme

“Lyme has such a big art community and it was always my dream to have a studio there.  So I approached the Boat Building Academy (BBA).  I asked if they would be interested in having me working amongst the boats, acting as a sort of artist-in-residence, finding spaces and corners in which to work. […] The people who work there, their particular skills, and the conversations we have has all been immensely inspiring.  I know they are technically craftspeople, but I think what they do is a form of art.”

The construction and repair of boats, particularly the finishes and painting, are processes that Chelsea finds fascinating, and from which she has developed ideas for her own work.  Influenced by the way these processes create a certain surface quality, and also by the different textures that are found on rusting steel, weathered wood and so on, she began a series of paintings, on steel rather than canvas, in which texture is the crucial element.