Graduate and former Instructor Gail McGarva on the BBC and at the V&A

Graduate and former Instructor, Gail McGarva, having launched Cornish Pilot Gig ‘Black Ven’, then built a Lerret (traditional Dorset fishing boat) ‘by eye’ at the Academy as a Queen Elizabeth Scholar.  Gail talked about the build on Radio 4 Woman’s Hour (to hear the interview click here).  BBC News filmed a short interview, see that here (There seems to be some confusion at the BBC around gigs and Lerrets…)

Gail’s talk at the V & A about her boat building career can be seen here.  Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket in the raffle to raise funds for Gail’s workshop.  She is now in residence and building the next Cornish Pilot gig for Lyme Regis Gig Club…when she’s not at Buckingham Palace, that is.  Click here for details of her recent ‘Highly Commended’ for the Prince Philip Medal.

Photographs show some of the students helping Gail turn the new gig, which will be launched on 29 September into Lyme Regis harbour.