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Brooke Ricketts – Class of March 2014

brooke ricketts

Brooke relocated from Chesapeake Bay in Maryland to Dorset with his British wife and two children.  He was General Manager of Switching Operations for Inter-Rail Transport, USA for 10 years before deciding it was time for a change.  With a passion for trains and boats he started a shipwright apprenticeship at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum (CBMM).  After some time Brooke decided to take break from the apprenticeship and join the Academy to further develop his skills.  After returning to Maryland Steffi, Brooke’s wife, said on the home improvement front he was better organised and tidier, for which she thanked the Boat Building Academy.

The museum has an active boatyard.  Staff interact with visitors while working on the boats.  Brooke maintains the thirteen historic, fully functioning, vessels in the floating fleet. This covers painting, engine repair and lots of woodworking in between.  The boats are taken on trips around the area for museum events. During the winter months they build a small boat in the shop. Brooke says ‘It’s a fantastic place to work and I have great co-workers. I have just been given an old motorboat, built traditionally in our area in 1965, in need of some love.  I plan on working on this after hours and eventually will have a great ‘free’ boat’.

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