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Richard Adams – Class of September 2012

richard adams furniture

Richard kindly sent us an update in 2017 to let us know what he’s been up to.  He commented, “To say it represented a turning point for me is no exaggeration. Three months before joining the course I was working as a consultant on a large scale project in Tunisia that was abruptly terminated as a result of the political upheaval following the Arab Spring. It’s hard to imagine a greater contrast.

I had always had an interest in carpentry but never got beyond the ‘DIY bodger’ stage. The intensity of the course and the quality of the tuition changed that radically and I managed to not only pass the course but also produce a piece of furniture of which I am immensely proud (and thankfully remains much admired).  Since then I have been making furniture mainly for friends and family but inevitably for their friends as well. In addition, I regularly work with a theatrical designer building theatre sets for both amateur and professional productions, I’m sure Will would visibly wince at some of the props (pay no attention to what the audience can’t see!)

As an odd digression, what I learnt about materials at the BBA led me to take an interest in trees and especially the preservation of ancient woodland and I now also work as volunteer for the Woodland Trust as a photographer recording progress in woodlands that are being restored.  None of this would have happened without the inspiration provided by the BBA.  And I also quit smoking whilst on the course!”

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