OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the same way that building boats is integral to the Academy’s boat building training, we feel it is vital that people have the opportunity to design and make a piece of furniture under expert supervision on the 12 week Furniture Making course.

As part of the course, students individually research, design and make a personal project piece.  This might be a toolbox, which is a classic apprenticeship piece, something for the student’s home or a piece that demonstrates skills learnt on the course to potential employers.  The complexity of the piece is discussed with the Instructor at each stage of the design and make process in order to ensure that the piece is completed by the end of the course and that the student is aware of any extra hours they may need to work in order to realise their ambition.

You can view the latest projects built here and the furniture archive here.

(We want people to make the most of the Academy’s facilities and expertise while they are here and so students have access to the workshops in the evening and at weekends, on condition that Health and Safety requirements are satisfied).