Hector Kennard – WWS 2013

Considering a career in some form of woodwork, I signed up for the short course as an introduction. Spending eight weeks at the academy was fantastic. Being taught by such a highly experienced and engaging tutor meant I learnt a huge amount. Will was incredibly helpful and very patient, always on hand to offer guidance. Together the tutors and staff create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and passion for boat building and furniture making which is infectious. Beside teaching me a huge range of essential skills, spending two months at the school fuelled my own enthusiasm for woodwork. Upon completing the course, I took the chair I had built to a cabinetmakers and they offered me a trial; to help design and build a stool. From that they have offered me an apprenticeship. The course exceeded all my expectations and I greatly enjoyed it.

Hector Kennard, Woodworking Skills class of January 2013