The Bathtub Race 2007

The Bathtub Race took place on Saturday 28th July.  It is a traditional race in Lyme Regis as part of Lifeboat Week. Craft built from bathtubs race from Cobb Gate to the slipway.

Merry and Matthew took a break from building their boats (an Arctic Tern and a Wee Rob canoe) and Merry’s sister Rosie took a break from her holiday here to build a craft using a bathtub borrowed from Lyme Regis Power Boat Club (thank you) and two canoes we happened to have in the workshop.

The rules state that all entries must be human-powered and based around a bathtub, at least six inches of which must sit in the water.

We’d like to show you the other bathtubs in the race… but Merry, Rosie and Matthew were so far in front that the competition just weren’t in the frame.  Not that we’re smug about it…