Fine Woodworking incorporating Furniture Design Students

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Students on the 12 week ‘Fine Woodworking Incorporating Furniture Design‘ students course come from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds. Their reasons for joining the Academy and gaining the skills are equally varied:

to gain skills for a first or change of career
to take a hobby to a new level
to use in a personal project (eg house renovation)
to advance their work (eg sculptors)
for the sheer joy of working with wood and their hands to produce beautiful objects

Graduates of the 8 week course, from which this course was developed in 2013, have used their skills to enter employment in construction, furniture-making and more.  Our Case Studies page shows what just a few of them are doing now.

Although the woodworking workshop is separate to the boat building workshop, all students get together at breaks and in the evening.  Woodworkers enjoy the boat launches that celebrate the end of boat building courses, boat builders join the woodworkers for their end of course exhibition and the cream tea that follows.  Woodworking Skills students often say that working in close proximity to the boats is an inspiration to their own work.

IMG_7372Graduates of the 12 week woodworking course are invited to join the Academy Graduates’ Network, a closed internet group.  Through the network they can keep in touch with each other and events at the Academy.  The Academy also posts information on job vacancies (we are first port of call for many employers looking for staff before vacancies are advertised) and commissions we are offered which, because we do not take on commercial work, are passed on to our graduates.  The Graduates’ Network is as vibrant and active as the Academy.

Meet our past and present ‘Woodworking Skills’ students –